Squash Planting

Squash Planting

Jun 04, 2024Calixta Killander

Hello all,

Over on the farm we've had another big week, planting squash in the field. We’re two weeks behind schedule due to the very wet weather but despite the rain we’ve managed to get them in.

Our squash technique is a new one this year after a trial last year. It’s been very hard to control the weeds in the squash field because the plants will be in the ground for such a long time. People often think squash is planted later in the year, but actually it’s out in the fields over summer. We’re planting into carefully laid biodegradable mulch made of cornstarch, which not only helps with limiting the weeds but also helps heat up the ground beneath it, keeping our squash nice and warm - just how they like it.

Between the rows of squash we will be interplanting gorgeous flowers for pollinators and for our harvesters to enjoy. Red clover will then be broadcasted in the field to further limit weed growth and fix nitrogen within the soil, providing us with a gorgeous cover crop as well as wild habitat for bees and butterflies.

We have epic greens finally starting to jump into action and our field-grown collards, spinach and rainbow chard will soon be ready to share with you all season long.

Cucumbers are doing extremely well in the tunnels and courgettes will be right behind them. Linda and Anna have been carefully tending to our herbs which are starting their summer abundance, while our lettuce heads and salads have been keeping Helena and Josh busy on harvest days.

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