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Flourish Flower Club 2024

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Join the Flourish Flower Club! Returning for the 2024 season after a massively successful kick-off last year, we’re so excited to share the bounty of our flower fields with you once more.

We are growing a HUGE variety of unusual and breathtaking blooms this year that will change as the season progresses – no two weeks will be the same. Everything we grow at our regenerative farm is with biodiversity and pollinators in mind, so joining our club directly supports our ecological work.

Flowers are in every supermarket but over 85% are imported, with many air freighted from Africa and grown using copious amounts of chemicals, bringing a huge carbon footprint with them. Flourish flowers are the slower, more ethical, sustainable alternative – celebrating the best of British flowers while giving back to the earth rather than taking away.

· £200 will get you 8 buckets of flowers over the British Flower Season (plus a bucket to collect them in each week).

The Flower Club season kicks off as soon as our blooms are ready in late spring/early summer – we’ll drop you an email when we’re ready to start. You can choose which dates work for you over the season period, meaning if you are away for a weekend you can just let us know and we will “pause” your subscription.

Why is it an excellent idea to join the Flourish Flower Club?

1. It’s a great way to support the farm - by investing in your season of flowers early, you are providing cash flow for the farm at a tough time of year.

2. Flowers are good for your soul - maybe not backed by scientific research but we truly believe that blooms in the home are good for your mental health and endorphin making brain cells.

3. Poison Free – unlike most imported flowers in the UK we don’t use any sprays/nasties on our crops. We like them au natural even if it means there’s the odd blemish. Regenerative farming is at the heart of what we do here at Flourish.

4. Our flowers are full of scent, unlike many supermarket flowers.

5. Longer lasting. Not only are our flowers locally grown but you will also be amazed at how much longer they last as they don’t have the “shock” of transportation or the wasted shelf life between being cut and reaching your home.

6. Insider tips: We will also send you styling notes and tips on how to make your flowers last longer.

We can’t wait to share the FLOWER POWER!