Get Ready for Basil

Get Ready for Basil

Apr 02, 2024Calixta Killander

Hello all,

It's time to get excited about summer produce. It's only a few weeks away and it's time to start thinking ahead to all the tasty dishes we'll be whipping up in the coming months.

With that in mind, we're here to tease some of our summer stars and we're kicking off the summer excitement with one of our key crops – basil. Native to India, but now grown globally because of how damn tasty it is, the name "basil" comes from the Latin basilius, and the Greek basilikón phytón, meaning "royal/kingly plant", possibly because the plant was believed to have been used in production of royal perfumes.

Far beyond the limp supermarket leaves, we're growing a selection that offer a glimpse at a myriad of delectable and highly prized varieties from all over the world. Our selection is hand-picked from seeds originating in Persia, China, South America and beyond, with appropriately regal names like Queen of Sheba and Sacred Holy Basil from India (of which there are three different kinds). Our basils are adored by chefs across London and the scent of the tunnel in summer has to be smelled to be believed.

You'll be able to get your hands on our basils at the Farm Shop, in Veg Boxes, or by buying plants for your own growing space which will be stocked on our Plant Stall this summer. Our favourite? The common garden Genovese, especially when paired with Lemon Boy tomato - our hot tip for 2024. Our basils will be kicking off from May to September, and we can't wait to hear what you think.

Best wishes,

Team Flourish

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